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Making A Ribbon-Top Pillow

Making a Woven-Ribbon Top

A pillow top made by weaving ribbons together makes an interesting accent pillow. Make it from ribbon scraps, or choose identical satin ribbon in different widths for a more elegant pillow

To make a small pillow that will appear to be about 10” square when it is stuffed, you will need the following materials:

13” by 13” piece of fabric for the back

13” by 13” piece of fusible interfacing

Pillow stuffing

4’/2’ of ruffle, if desired

13” lengths of ribbon

The number of lengths of ribbon you will need will depend on the width of the ribbons. You would need approximately 10 yards of 1” ribbon.

Cut your interfacing and determine the horizontal and vertical center. You can do this by folding and finger pressing a crease along the center lines. Place the interfacing, fusible side up, on a padded surface such as an ironing board or folded blanket.

Begin at the vertical center with one length of ribbon. Pin the ends in place. If you are using satin ribbons, be sure to keep the pins within the seam allowances, or the hole might show later. Pin a ribbon across the horizontal center. Add two more ribbons, one on either side of the vertical ribbon. These will go over the horizontal center ribbon.

Add more ribbons, weaving them in with the ribbons that are already in place. You can thread the new ribbons over and under, or remove the pins on alternate ribbons and fold them out of the way Continue weaving until the interfacing is covered. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the ribbons are lying flat. Press the ribbons to fuse them with the interfacing. If you are using satin ribbons, a pressing cloth would be a good idea. Stitch around the outside edge of your pillow top to be sure that the ends of your ribbons stay in place. Complete your pillow as usual.

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