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Chair Cushions

Making Chair Cushions

Solid wood chairs may be charming, but they aren’t always comfortable. To make your table one that family and guests want to linger at, add cushions to the chairs. These can match your curtains or tablecloths, or each one can pick up a different color in the room dimensions, plus 1” for seam allowances, multiplied by two for top and bottom, and multiplied by the number of chairs, will help you determine your yardage.

You will want to choose a fairly durable fabric of course. Chairs and chair cushions take an awful lot of traffic wear-and-tear, so you will want something sturdy. If you're not sure, be sure to ask the sales associate at the fabric store if your choice is suitable.

How Much Fabric Will I Need?

Suppose your chair seat is 18” wide and 16” deep. You’ll only be able to get two seat pieces out of one width of fabric, or enough for one chair. Take 17” (depth plus 1) times the number of chairs, divided by 36” for the number of yards of fabric you’ll need.

If you don’t mind piecing the bottom side of about half of your cushions, you can save on fabric. Take twice the number of chairs divided by 2½ to get the number of 17” lengths you’ll need.

Cushioning the Chair

You will also need enough foam rubber to cut one 19” by 17” square or an equivalent amount of fleece. If you are having difficulty finding either of these, you could use three or four layers of heavy flannel.

Fabric shops will sometimes sell pre-cut foam shaped to the size of standard kitchen chairs. This could be a handy time-saver and help you plan your fabric needs accordingly.

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